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A week ago, researchers published findings (doi:10.3390/nu15214608) from a double-blind RCT in the journal Nutrients concluding that wasabi improves memory performance in older adults. Previous studies over the last few years have shown the spice provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as improves neuroinflammation and cognitive function. It made me think of this nice look by director Edwin Lee at the root, “Wasabia Japonica”. For some reason this short piece really stuck with me.

The study, funded by Kinjirushi, used Kinjirushi wasabi extract capsules with 0.8 mg 6-MSITC once a day, citing a previous safety study (doi:10.3136/fstr.26.813) for the dosage; Kinjirushi is selling a similar item here (no affiliation, no endorsement) for about $67 for 60 tablets (suggesting twice the dose). Apparently there are also farms growing wasabi in Half Moon Bay, Oregon, and Washington State and if you can’t afford the fresh option, there is the freeze dried option, Sushi Sonic, at your local grocery store or from Great Eastern Sun.

Nice doc anyway. Bravo to Mr. Lee!