Hi. I, like you, am finding out what it means to be human.

Concerning religion and philosophy, I am an irenic and non-denominational Christian. Christianity should not need adjectives. When thinking about higher truths, I affirm that we make nothing of ‘religion’ if we do not make heart-work out of it. That is to say, in addition to knowing Truth, God wants to transform and strengthen your heart, so that you may live to your full potential. Heart religion is opposed to formal religion, intellectualised religion, legalistic religion and all other hindrances and delays. As a wise man once advised “Go thou higher and deeper than all this! Let thy religion be the religion of the heart.” This is the (often-ignored) real message of Christianity. I humbly advise that it would be wise to consider the concept of heart transformation and pursue the possibility.

I support natural rights. I find the beliefs of alethic anti-realism and moral relativism completely spurious and often unexamined. Politically, I am especially interested in removing corporate influence on elections.

I attended one of the State of California public universities where I studied world culture and comparative religion, taking a degree in Globalization from the Global and International Studies department.

Since graduating, my academic interests are 1. the use of mass media to affect public opinion, specifically shared naratives, 2. the extent to which information transmission and distributed non-hierarchical networks undermine, or fail to undermine, said media-industrial complex, and 3. the nature of information itself and its relation to the ethics of intellectual property (artificial scarcity and the nature of authorship). I hope to pursue a masters degree in philosophy (ethics)/law and public policy, conducting research in information science. All of this is boring actually. I should probably just go fishing or something.

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